what’s Porn Name Pseudonym?

You know how in middle school other kids would ask, "Hey, what's your porn name?" then explain what that was and how you figure it?

That’s what ‘Clancy Steadwell’ is for one writer – and this is their blog.

What do they write?

Modern and oftentimes humorous literary fiction.

Bildungsromans with themes of generational conflict.

Realism and local color.

Essays and reviews every now and then.

Best taken with tea or coffee.

For more information, check out the Meta section and start with this post:

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Modern literary fiction. Bildungsromans, generational conflict, dark humor and local color. Occasional essays on culture.


The "porn name" pseudonym of an anonymous-ish author, writing short stories and retrospectives on the process. Hoping to self-publish a novel someday. Attempting to forgo the modern need for mimetic veracity in storytelling.